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Jewelry Design


You are one of a kind. You don’t want to wear jewelry that everyone else is wearing. You dream of unique and beautiful jewelry that is a reflection of your essence and individual style. But, you will never find it in a shop.


We also specialize in repurposing old or worn jewelry pieces into new updated styles.


From the initial rendering, to finished piece, we handle each step of the process, and bring your concepts  to life.


How We Do It

CAD, Computer Aided Design allows us to create jewelry that is incredibly intricate, with incredible precision and detail. We use some of the most modern and sophisticated equipment, integrated with centuries-old jewelry-making techniques. This combination of cutting edge technology and old-world craftsmanship is what makes us unique, and is the highlight of our work.

Refurbish & Repair


This ring was worn through on the top and had a few stones missing. 


A new dome was hand forged and welded to the ring using laser technology. The prongs were rebuilt and the missing diamonds were replaced, restoring it back to its original condition.


We can handle all repair and service needs.



Using CAD to design jewelry allows us to be creative without boundaries or limitations. In turn we also need to incorporate the latest technologies to transform your design ideas into a physical jewelry. This is done using high end 3D printers and CNC machines to build physical models.


These models will become your finished jewelry.



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